Change of plans!!

The Admiral suggested that since we were essentially ready Saturday evening, having packed the Durango SUV, house organized, etc, why don't we leave Sunday afternoon, after returning from our Mom's Day Brunch, to reduce the long day driving Monday and where we lose an hour time change? That's why she is the Admiral. :)

So we are now in Cookeville, TN [see map]! In boating, planning is good, but avoid scheduling!!!

Had a great Mothers Day Brunch at Turtle Point, our home marina/club, with Chris & Dana, January [Dana's dtr] & Jordan & Finn [their 3 yr old as of next week]. Left Florence at 15:10/3:10 and reached Cookeville at 18:20, driving through rain the last 40 miles]. Now having a scotch!

PHOTOS: added one of the Durango, loaded and ready to go. One of our recent 'invasion' of Carpenter Bees, in our west utility fence area. Saw these little piles of sawdust and then noticed the burrows. The little beggars will destroy the fence. Found lots of info on-line and for now sprayed WD40 into each burrow; recommended to kill the female laying eggs and should prevent them using it, but won't likely do much to stop them this season once we have left. May have to just accept that I'll be replacing some boards next fall.

Also added one of our group at Turtle Point and one of Marg, Rob, and Chris after we left the Club.

Plan: Leave tomorrow for Winchester, VA, 526 miles up I-81.

Admirals Comments:

Rob's comments pretty much covered our day. We decided to eat in tonight after the big brunch. I always travel with buns, peanut butter, cheese, and jam in a cooler so endless combinations are possible. And they all go well with scotch and wine, or even morning coffee! 😂😂😂

Next stop is Winchester, Virginia.

Good night all.