Events of the Day:

We are now living back on our boat, so this is now our B.Day1 - Boat Day #1.

Wx today great again - dry, sunny, temps 43-69F, mild breezes. Supposed to stay like this for the next week!

Finished transferring everything to the boat and now have the task of storing/relocating/notlosinganything. Picked up our local car rental which we will need to return our Enterprise to Waterton tomorrow,. We went grocery shopping - deju vu all over again as Marg says.

Took the solenoid off the generator; tested the power by jumping across the pos. post to the starter connection and it sparked and spun the starter nicely. Couldn't get a good voltage read at the ignition wiring though?? Mechanic will be here Monday to look at our Hynautic Engine Control hydraulic issue [the starboard throttle locking]; and the generator. Fiberglass fellow will complete the rejuvenation of our rolling doors on the pilothouse - he has to adjust the track apparently.

It's nice to be back here and we will get into our routines again. Lots of things to do yet before departing on the 28th.

Photos: none today.

From the Desk of the Admiral:

Well, here we are back on the boat. It still has, as does every boat, it's own smell. Not unpleasant, just unique to the boat.

We have mostly stowed all our stuff and what we haven't we throw into the aft stateroom for later sorting. (Ha! Never gonna happen! The pile just gets shuffled). [the Admiral is underestimating the ability of her junior staff -- have already sorted most of it and 'repositioned' a lot - 'a place for everything and everything in its place'!]

We're having to reacquaint ourselves with the boat sounds. ie the vacu-flush pump is stuck on.

We are also getting all our charge cords and plugs organized. We have added a couple of devices (we have at least 10?) so its interesting. We are dependent on decent cell coverage so we can maintain our own secure WiFi network. Our only way to keep up with banking, bills etc. Most marinas have free WiFi, but they're not secure.

We had the interior of the boat cleaned before we arrived. A good job, other than the carpet, but whoever cleaned the mini blinds deserves an award. They were beyond dusty and dirty.

Although a nice warm sunny day today, the evening is pretty chilly. We have the heat on!! Probably for the first time since going down the ten tom when we first started out on this journey in March 2020.

That's all for today. Stay safe.