Days Events:

It's been another gorgeous day on the water - sunny, 43-69F, slight wind. More boats are being dropped back into the water from the storage warehouses and so with 160 slips we see more folks.

Took the Enterprise 2020 Durango SUV 30 miles back to Waterton, returning in our local rental Toyota, a 2009 SUV. We cross the Thousand Is. toll Bridge to Wellesley I. where the marina is - the first bridge east of Niagara, and old, needing maintenance.

Achieved quite a bit today, and starting to look again like 'home'. Unfortunately, the 'hole-in-the-water' became bigger when I ran a capacitor test on the Galvanic Isolator [keeps low voltage current from leaking from the boat/marina connection and causing galvanic corrosion to our boats metal components] and it needs to be replaced. Amazon can't get it here before we leave so will defer.

The fiberglass fellow, Jason, couldn't fix the starboard door because he believes the steel track it rolls on is 'warped' and a replacement is no longer available. In the mean time, he said to grease the crap out of it!!

Finished a fine tuna & macaroni hash that Marg concocted, preceded by a Dales Pale Ale. We both are reading a John Sandford whodunnit.

Photos: none worth including today.

Tomorrow, into A.Bay ACE Hardware. Have plans to have docktails with another looper boat - they have already 'crossed their wake' [completed the loop] and are about to do it again, after clarifying that they can get up the Welland Canal -- they are now full time liveaboards, having sold their home in Dallas, TX.

From the Desk of the Admiral:

Another nice day. A big change from the endless heat and humidity we had last year. We've had the heat on. The nights are in the low 40s and boats aren't well insulated so it gets chilly. This is the first time I've slept under a comforter in a long time!

After doing our Enterprise car drop off, Rob, as usual, has his endless to-do list to keep him beyond busy. He has lists of his to-do lists and he doesn't stop while there are still things left to do. Needless to say, he's pooped and asleep. I'm more relaxed about lists😁. There are no stores or restaurants, not even a gas station here on Wellesley Is. so I'm back to full time kitchen duty, which unfortunately includes dishes. Still needing some supplies so back to the mainland tomorrow.

That's all for now. The dishes await! Stay safe.


Ernie R - 16 May 2021 Marg, you are so right, the dishes can wait for Rob to get up in the morning!

Ann R - 17 May 2021 I fully agree with Ernie. The cook should not have to clean up, no matter how much work her partner has already done that day!! (Women’s work Is never done, alas).