Well, another great day. Temps 40F in a.m. rising to 68F in p.m. Little wind. Sunny

We finished transferring more stuff to the boat; everything except personal stuff, which we will bring onboard tomorrow.

We flushed and refilled the water tanks with filtered water. Found out that the aft tank monitor doesn't work - shows 35% regardless of water level, so have to go by 'full' is when it overflows and 'empty' is when air is coming out the taps!

There is always something to stop a day being 'perfect' - the generator wouldn't start. Has the 'clicking' typical of a failed solenoid, since the batteries are well and there is no evidence of corrosion at any connections. The marina will have someone look at it tomorrow. Despite being busy, checking that everything is working and in its proper place, etc, the day itself was indeed grand. We went back to the hotel for our happy hour of scotch and then enjoyed another 'simple' meal in the bar.

Tomorrow, we pick up the local car rental needed when we take our Enterprise SUV back on Sat.; and, buy groceries; and, I have some other things to do, of course.

From the Admirals Desk:

A lovely day and evening weather wise. Sunset is just about done and the old Catholic church across the inlet from us plays taps every evening at this time. They also have bells every hour. This a very nice little resort community. Because its very early for tourists here yet and covid we see very few people. The marina had a few more around today.

We officially move aboard tomorrow. But first, a pedicure at 10am!!😁. Then back into boat mode. Personal maintenance seems to suffer the most. Tomorrow will be busy restocking and sorting food, supplies and personal stuff. Even though we left a lot on the boat in September I still have a lot to get.

Time to say goodnight. Rob has already gone to sleep.


Deedee - 14 May 2021 So happy to read your messages!

Ernie - 14 May 2021 Marg, you are so nice to let Rob go to bed early (actually I think the sun may still be out at his normal bedtime so “early “ might be a stretch!) without doing all his chores like fixing the genset! You really must make him put in a full day tomorrow! Rob, I trust you have fired the maines and gotten better response than genset!

Rob - 15 May 2021 Yes, the mains started and ran well! Except for some mild whitish smoke which didn't clear after warming so will have the mechanic check on Monday.