Days Events:

This is our last night in Alexandria Bay; we will leave 07:30 for Oswego, NY, 74 miles.

The mechanic installed the 2 new generator relays, in 5 min, and looked at our exhaust; noted that the stbd side engine quit smoking within a few minutes but the port side may have a bit too much. The throttle controls are much smoother! Smoke not really a concern but suggested when we get home to pull the injectors and have them tested, etc.

Returned our big ole caddy rental, paid for our marina nights, said goodbyes to Carol, their executive coordinator and do everything person, who has been exceptionally helpful. Paid for our various maintenance services [the hole in the water expanded exponentially!!]. Finished the planning for L.Ontario; reviewed VHF radios, the chartplotters, autopilot, etc, etc. We are good to go.

Photos: a Grand Banks trawler which was launched last evening with a looper burgee on the bow, with a small Canadian flag [courtesy when in that country - we have one also, for going up the Welland]. It is a 'well used' boat.

From the Desk of the Admiral:

I made cookies this morning! And they definitely look better than my muffins. I'm trying to get the oven temps sorted out so things don't burn on the bottom. Also got all our banking and bills up to date. Our cell connections are good here so our WiFi is working well. We rarely use marina/public WiFi because they aren't secure, so I get as much done as possible when good reception is available. Our TV is WiFi (Amazon fire stick) as well. We've had some gaps in reception the past couple of days and the Bluetooth speakers cut out. Frustrating, as everything worked perfectly initially. But predictable. Life on a boat!

Looking forward to getting underway tomorrow. A little bit anxious though, as its been a while since we last navigated and docked. That's all today. Tomorrow awaits us...


Ernie R - 21 May 2021 Thank goodness, we will finally start making some little blue tick marks on the map! Look forward to those early morning photos again! A few hours of hard running should clear up the smoke issue!

Helen - 21 May 2021 Anchors away! So wonderful to hear that the trip is starting our so well. Still in CA but back to ND/MN next week. Look forward to possibly meeting you at a WI site if you make it out here near Lake Superior in the next month or two.

Robert & Margaret - 22 May 2021 Helen, we should be on the west coast of L.Michigan, the WI side, in the middle of June and will post which cities/marinas we hope to stay at. Will enjoy seeing you again.