Events of Today:

Wx - perfect - again!

Boat - cleaned the tracks on all 3 doors and sprayed with Lithium grease - has helped some; the port door is now effortless!

Decided to experiment with the Genset relays [the mechanic was delayed and will bring the replacements tomorrow]; tapped them and was able to start ok; sprayed both with WD40 [WD means 'water dispersing'] which helps make better electrical contacts; the 5 pin/terminals looked clean, but a little WD40 never hurts! Started easily!!! Nice to know. Will replace both tomorrow regardless and keep these for backups.

Did a general spider brooming and cleanup, ready for Friday. Connected both tablets to the two cameras - can view now from phone or tablet.

Photos: added just the one, showing what the relays look like - 2 small cuboidal boxes fixed to the center divider.


Getting anxious to hit the water!! Our looper friends, in Here's to Us, left this a.m. at 06:00 in good wx; they changed their plans and are following the same path we have planned. We will now meet them in Wilson Harbor next week; our plan is Friday night at Oswego, Sat-Sun at Rochester, and Mon-Tues at Wilson Harbor. They are going up the Welland now as well and hope to do so next Wed, 26th.

From the Desk of the Admiral:

Speaking of the caddy. The last car we had that was similar was an Olds98, sometime in the 80s. Burgundy with a burgundy velour interior that friend Janice said was like riding in a coffin!😂 Sort of floated down the road and smoothed out the potholes. I drove it into town for a last grocery shop before we return it tomorrow.

Did a little cleaning today. That usually involves shuffling the piles into different but neater piles. Its amazing how much stuff we think we need! Of course, most of the clutter is the Captain's. He seems to think we need maps, multiple navigation devices, information on where we're going, wx, wind and waves and TOOLS!😂😂

Tomorrow: to Horizon Marina and pay for docking; return the car; and get ready for an early departure for Oswego. Stay well.


Deedee - 20 May 2021 Good luck getting away on time!

Duane and Joan - 20 May 2021 We think you should get a picture of Marg in the drivers seat of the caddy!

Janice - 21 May 2021 I remember that sweet ride Margaret. Last time we bought a car I wanted a Town Car- didn’t happen and now they don’t make them. Anyhow I test drove one and it was reminiscent of your Olds.