Days Events:

Another perfect wx day. Completed pre-travel tasks including organizing the fenders/lines, cleaning the 3 faucet aerators [replaced one; the Admiral is much impressed], updated Navionics and planned our route to Oswego; reorganized the storage areas; installed our new 28" flat screen TV and remote Bluetooth speakers.

An event to remember: took the local car rental to the hardware store; as I turned the corner into it, a loud banging/rubbing/rattling from the back occurred - the exhaust pipe had separated from the muffler; the hardware had closed, but found a 2' rope with plastic hooks; 'borrowed' a shredded cardboard from the back of a hardware 1/2 ton, got under the SUV, lifted up the broken pipe and 'secured' it to the muffler bracket to get me back to the marina. I'm looking forward to another vehicle.

Had docktails this evening with the Gold Loopers 50' Carver 504, 1999, "Here's To Us", Rev and Sam Crouse, docked behind us; a first for both boats since Covid. Now liveaboards and heading down our way this fall. They have a youtube channel, What Yacht To

Tomorrow, the mechanic from Syracuse will be here and hopefully fix the generator.

Photos: none. No point in looking at a broken exhaust pipe!!

From the Desk of the Admiral:

Rob did indeed have a busy day. I provided moral support and advice, whether needed or not, held up the tv so it could be attached to the backing, made lunch, made the doofus sit down for 10 min. to eat, did laundry, went grocery shopping, fortunately before the tailpipe fell off, made supper and the dishes are waiting. Also remembered to buy shampoo. I forgot to pack some and used the hotel stuff thinking I had left some on the boat. Didn't leave any so the hair is in an unfortunate state today.

The new TV is a huge improvement over the old one, which was original to the boat. And the new speakers are also a huge improvement. We can actually understand what is being said. I have no idea why we didn't do this last year.

It was great to visit with other boaters/loopers aboard their boat this evening. Very nice people and a very nice boat. Meeting other boaters is the best part of doing the Loop. Nothing else to report so good night all. Stay safe and stay in touch.


Ernie R - 17 May 2021 Congratulations Rob, you can now add certified auto mechanic to your diesel certification, electronic installer, and hopefully genset repairs! Think we have done enough preparation and time to start untying some lines!

Ann R - 17 May 2021 I have to agree with Ernie. Time to shove off soon and get this party started! Enjoy your time!