Events Today:

Not much happening today, except washed the boat early; and while Marg defrosted the fridge. Cleaned the a/c strainer last evening while it was a bit cooler also.

From the Desk of the Admiral:

A stay-in day. It's hot, the marina is closed, some cleaning requirements including showers😂 for us, defrosting the fridge, getting plans for the next few stops organized. The Master Planner is in charge of course but I have been known to occasionally offer helpful advice.😂

I used up a couple of things that needed the oven today. Not a smart plan. It's time to switch to salads and the microwave and the grill. It's often not possible to use the grill. We're either too close to the fuel dock or it's too windy and it blows out. We have some long travel days ahead with few amenities so some planning is needed.

Still pondering the hair appt. I had to trim my bangs though. Too long to see thru and there's a lot of debris ahead. Sharp vision required. That's all. Kind of an uneventful day to report on. We'll look for something more interesting to report tomorrow. HA! Uneventful is good.


Their neat circular bar, on the 2nd level, and includes the showers/toilets which are really clean; views from the bar level looking over the marina; and one the Admiral took of the vista off our stern. Their infrastructure is starting to show some aging. Pity the bar and restaurant and offices were closed today [Monday they always close]. The bar serves as the office for transient traffic to pay for fuel, etc. [possibly some potential additional benefit to be gained??]


Tomorrow 80 miles to Beardstown, IL, to Logston Tug Service with their docking barge, a first-come-first-served basis. Hopefully we will be there early enough [4pm?] to get a spot. Not much for Looper or other transient traffic at this time so we should be fine.


ErnieR  •  27 Jul, 2021 - Sure is different from the Great Lakes! Maybe it is just me but seems like a lot of pictures from the bar!!

Robert & Margaret  •  27 Jul, 2021 - Unfortunately the bar wasn't open so had to make do with 'shots' from the balcony outside.

AnnR  •  27 Jul, 2021 - Pedal to the metal to get a spot! Hope you get one! Maybe they offer haircuts too? And I hope it’s not as hot & humid there as it is here! Safe travels.