Events Today:

Left Spring Valley at 07:45 in sun, light wind, and just backed straight out into the river, since no place to safely pivot around in the marina. Quiet trip of 51 miles lasting 5 hrs, running usually at 1600 rpm for 10.5-11 mph with a 1 mph current pushing us. Lot of debris the first hour but then clean surface the rest of the way. Channel became narrow, only about 300' wide for the last 10 miles or so, with a rapid drop to 2-3 ft so had to be vigilant; met one tow with 8 barges and radioed him about which side to pass in the channel and because we were on a curve - "see you on the 1" was his only reply, which means we would pass 'port to port'. Easy.

Arrived at Illinois Valley Yacht Club, known here as 'IVY', at 12:45 to their fuel dock, filled our diesel tanks [190 g.] and pumped out the holding tank. They have a shallow entry and [for us] the markers were confusing and we were out of their channel, pointed out to us by an ever watchful group of boaters that we we were in 3' of water [below the keel - which I already knew], but did direct us back into the 5' channel. Bit of wind and not much width in the channel, but the admirals directions helped put us on the fuel dock and then into our slip behind it without difficulty. Dockhands excellent to help. They have 187 slips and are a bit tight for channel space. Nice clubhouse and bar [mid-room with a full circular approach] but unfortunately is closed tomorrow.

Cleaned the a/c strainer again; oils all ok; no coolant leak; no water in bilge!!


One shows a [presumed] 'heat-shrink' building being put up; and a severely listing barge which means they've only loaded the one end apparently; also a couple of derelict boats/tugs lining the shore. Not a pretty sight. A couple of the marina and its narrow entry. A night shot by Marg of the Spring Valley Boat Club.

From the Admiral:

A good travel day. Hot, but we can stay comfortable in the pilot house, and calm water. Not too much debris. There were more weekend boaters around but mostly small so no doofus wakers.

We saw our first Asian carp. They were jumping in the wakes of a couple of fishing boats trailing lines at higher than normal trolling speeds. Apparently how to attract carp!

An interesting but typical thing in marinas. At the fuel dock we were 50ft from the office/restaurant/bar. By backing into our slip, about 50ft, we are now 1/4mi walk to same office/restaurant/bar! So close and yet so far.😂

The photos of the rusted old barges and tows run up onto the shore are just a few of the ones we saw. Eyesores that will likely never be salvaged. Too expensive I think. Quite a contrast to the Chicago high rises we saw at the beginning of the river. And the water is becoming grubbier. The heavy shoreline vegetation causing the debris also adds tannins to the water so its becoming brown, which makes our wake look like root beer.

Tomorrow I have to decide if want to risk a hair appt, or trim/chop/color myself, defrost the fridge, and clean. Phooey.

That's pretty much all for today.


Wash the boat and clean the a/c strainer tomorrow. Leave Tues for Beardstown, then Wed. for Grafton.


ErnieR  •  26 Jul, 2021 - What! Nothing in the bilge/leaks, did you trade boats and fail to mention that! Love the derelict boats/tugs on the bank, would love to fix/restore all of them, what a waste! I hear you can eat Asian carp! Please be sure to clean all the tannins from the hull before you get to the Tennessee River, don’t want any of that here! Or at least any more of it, what a pain to get the mustache off the bow.

Ann R  •  26 Jul, 2021 - Hey Marg, how about letting the hair go “au naturel” for awhile until you can find a place you are comfortable with? I’ve always heard to ask someone who’s hair looks good for a recommendation. (& maybe ask someone who’s hair doesn’t look so good, for another recommendation, as a place to avoid!).