Days Events:

A really good travel day. Left Mackinaw City at 09:20, after adding 249 g. diesel, at $3.50/g, and having a pumpout, traveling 52 miles at mostly 1800 rpm for 11.3 mph, to arrive at Bay Harbor Lake Marina, in Bay Harbor, MI at 2:10pm/14:10h. The waves were 1' on the bow for the first 2hrs heading West, then it was quite choppy as we make the turn to southerly around the point, but that settled down to a glass-like surface for the last hour; but, lot of haze that hour from the higher temp - "78 but fells like 93". Only a few faster boats passed us and only twice did we have to turn into their wake. So, a great trip.

Bay Harbor is well protected on the south shore of Little Traverse Bay, within the 'jurisdiction' of Petosky, 3 mi. east. It was created out of an old quarry so has depths of 70' at the dock! It is a resort with hotel, condos, gated homes, shopping block, couple of restaurants, realty business, yacht sales. The docks are in excellent shape, helpful dockhands, etc. See the photos.

From the Admirals Desk:

A good travel day. Calm waters and sunny. And when we went under the Mackinaw bridge we entered lake Michigan. Lake #4! We got away early enough to avoid the turbulence the ferries create. A boater beside us at Straits State Marina crossed from Mac. I yesterday and the water was so rough all his furniture fell over.

This is a really upscale marina and area but what a zoo! Boats constantly coming and going, the docks are cluttered, and people ride their bikes and drive the little GEM cars on them. Also interesting, the water is 70' deep. The marina is in an old quarry. There are $$$$ houses all around us. A couple of hotels right on the water, with shops and restaurants. This area is part of greater Petosky, a major tourist spot.

There are a couple of interesting boats here. One beautiful 65' wooden boat that is in flawless condition, and a little red vintage car that floated past then drove up the ramp and onto the street! There are photos of both.

Not much else to report. It's quieter here now, thankfully.


Unfortunately we cannot stay here more than two nights - they are overbooked already, and we have to move to a different slip tomorrow. So we are still on several other waiting lists and I will call them again tomorrow. We have confirmed 2 nights in Sheboygan Bay, WI, across L.Michigan, for July 11,12; hopefully the wx will cooperate and let us get there by then. Local boaters say that L.Michigan tends to have 3-day blows which delay everyone, interspersed with a few days of reasonable travel water. Tomorrow will be Day 1 and is the worst day of the next 3; we could possibly travel Tues. if found a spot in Charlevoix or Northport, either a slip or an anchorage.


Ernie R  •  05 Jul, 2021 - Nice trip and great marina, just doesn’t get any better! Hope you get your slips!

Terry  •  05 Jul, 2021 - I think that is an Amphicar. Part boat and part car and neither good.

Deedee  •  05 Jul, 2021 - Gorgeous area!

Ann R  •  05 Jul, 2021 - What a lovely area! I hope you are able to cross safely. If not, maybe we can raft up to someone.

Helen  •  05 Jul, 2021 - Hope all is well and you got some sleep on July 4th. Were there fireworks on the water? Sent you a text yesterday.

Monte  •  11 Jul, 2021 - Hi Rob, Just bought marine diesel here in BC at $4.30 USD per US gallon ($5.50 CAD) Hope this makes you feel better! Safe travels. Monte