Last night I was able to post all the Icebreaker photos - for some reason the wifi was superfast last night. The USCG Icebreaker Mackinaw was really a neat experience. Hopefully the titles to each photo are somewhat self-explanatory; zoom in for more details, if interested.

Walked to the hardware to get a garden hose wire-reinforced connector for our water hookups - the current one is starting to rust and the outer layer has dissected away from a water leak. Also found a small can of WD40 - hadn't seen one in stores for a year.

Then, to the grocery store for the Admiral. After our lunch at The Hook [on the 2nd floor, so great view of the harbor, watching the ferries come and go every 15-30min, parasailing boats, etc.], where I had really good cod fish 'n chips, I walked to Mickey's Mini-Mart to stock up on beer and wine. Bought a 6-pack of Sam Adams Lager and of Killian's Red; they didn't have any craft ales.

Photos: None

From Admirals Desk:

Had a great lunch at Hooks Bar and Grill. Not too busy and a nice spot. 34 beers on tap, too many to choose from so Rob had a margarita!😂

Lots of boats coming in today. One very exceptional one. The one of a kind custom made "Elegante Motor Yacht", 63ft., built in 1963, has a permanent crew, and is gorgeous. Google it for photos and history. It's worth a look.

We've enjoyed our stay here. We finally were able to do some normal touristy things. It felt like a mini vacation and is definitely an area we would like to revisit.

Time to sign off. Fingers crossed for a calm day tomorrow.


Leave in a.m. after filling diesel tanks and pumping out holding tank, for Bay Harbor Lake Marina in Little Traverse Bay, 51 miles southwest of here. We have confirmed reservations now through to the 12th July except for the 6th and are on waiting lists, keeping our fingers crossed. All the marinas in MI are near fully booked it seems. We may end up anchoring. The big issue is weather - can't travel on the 5th are prefer not to on the 6th; will wait and see.


Ernie R  •  04 Jul, 2021 - Sounds like really great day but find it hard to believe Rob could not make a decision when it comes to alcohol no matter how many choices! Really good stuff on ice breaker and Elgante, neat to see that kind of stuff! Hope weather great for your cruise tomorrow!