Days Events:

It has been a long but overall pleasant day. Left Presque Isle at 08:00, travelled 70 miles at about 11 mph/1800rpm to arrive at Straits State Marina in Mackinaw City, MI at 14:30. Had lots of fog for the last half of the trip but no major surprises popped out of it. Saw a couple of lights and a 666' cargo ship and several ferries who leave lots of wake. The water was like glass almost, most of the time, due to the fog; however, in the last half hour there were constant swells/wakes from the many ferries going between Mackinaw City and Mackinac I; the ferries do create a fair bit of water chop, despite the large breakwaters.

Had one larger cruiser, 53' by AIS, who called us when he saw us make a strange change in heading and he just wanted to ensure we knew he was coming toward us in the mist/fog; explained we adjusted the heading temporarily for a wake that just appeared suddenly out of the mist.

The Straits State Marina is another State sponsored one: nice, solid and well maintained docks, fuel hut, office/showers/etc. Young staff are most helpful. They have 136 slips with 116 of them transients. We are located 'downtown' with restaurants, etc. just along the main street. It is beside the Mackinaw City Municipal Marina and the ferry terminal - so lots of boat traffic.

Maintenance: Still having coolant leak, but there is some remaining in the recovery tank. Duct tape test didn't identify leak. Will lift hatch tomorrow and have better look at fittings between expansion tank and the manifold.

Photos: took one showing the fog and our wake. One really needs 4 eyes on the water at all times for ships or channel markers. A few of this marina. One of a billboard outlining the history of the States ferry service here. A couple showing the Italian restaurant where picked up supper [v.g. BTW] - they used finished wood and driftwood, which often looks like antlers, for décor; really a neat place; they brew some of their own wine.

One shot shows the USCG icebreaker now in permanent dockage as a museum. Hopefully will get a chance to tour it.

Had several periods where we had no cell service during the day and now in Mackinaw City, it remains spotty unfortunately, so some of the photos may not upload readily and be delayed till the next day.

From Admirals Desk:

Nice travel day. No sun, but also no wind or waves. And very little boat traffic. We have spent most of our travel time with not another boat in sight. The only thing I could find to take a picture of was our own wake in the fog! [see photo]

And speaking of fog, it's rolling into the marina. As well as raining. Which will hopefully stop before Rob walks to pick up dinner. No transportation or delivery available here.

This marina now has a slip available on Saturday so we will not be left with no place to go! We could/would anchor out but prefer to be in a marina.


Will be doing maintenance while here, except for a day excursion to Mackinac I. via ferry. We depart Sun. July 4 for Bay Harbor Lake Marina/Resort.


Ernie R  •  30 Jun, 2021 - Neat restaurant and pictures as usual. In addition to looper cookbook I hope you are working on the looper bar and grill guide also! Best way to find leaks is with engines hot and running, I know that is a pain but often signs of a leak are from some other source. Or wait till you get back and we will find leak!

Ann R  •  30 Jun, 2021 - Wow - fog & good Italian food. Did you get some of the home “brewed” wine? (Rob, I don’t think you “brew” wine - just beer! 😄). Enjoy touring and especially the USCG icebreaker! I’d love to see that too! Marg, maybe the heat wave will help defrost the freezer. Safe travels!