Days Events:

Another good travel day. Left Harrisville at 07:55, traveling at 1800 rpm for 11 mph and after 5.1 hr arrived at Presque Isle State Harbor [PISH], MI at 13:00/1pm. Wx great, in the high 60's/low 70's, winds NW at 6-8, with waves/swells 1' on the port bow-beam. Little boat traffic - a couple of 40' power boats creating small wakes for us and a few sail boats under sail.

Enroute we toyed with the idea of taking a shortcut between the mainland and Thunderbay I., which some have done; after looking closely at the sonar charts, there were too many warnings of rocks and depths of <5' possible, so we chose the more prudent course around the island - only added about 10min!

Approaching the harbor entrance at PISH, we were waked by a 48' Sea Ray as he came in on our stbd to 'beat' us there. We turned hard to stbd but couldn't eliminate completely a bit of a roll as he was too close. Have to give him credit though because he tied up on the same dock as us and came over immediately and apologized profusely for being a dummy - said he just wasn't thinking. Nice guy otherwise.

The marina is another State sponsored one; has 120 slips/84 transients], within a very solid and high breakwater [see photo]. Helpful staff, responsive to the VHF, with a fuel dock office and main office, in front of a neat general store/deli/ice cream shop. Area is full of spruce trees, reminding us of N. Saskatchewan.


No significant diesel staining on the transom since we stayed at 1800 rpm. Checked the oils, etc. and all ok. The coolant recovery tank level has changed little from the last run.

However, there was small amount coolant in bilge and a drip off the Zinc head, again; but found perhaps a significant anomaly on the rubber fitting for one of the Heat Exchange coolant hoses - the one ring clamp is partially off the rubber connecting hose [see photo - if you can zoom in, can see the clamp is not completely on the rubber - also a photo of the good side to compare how the clamp should be attached], which is immediately below the pencil zinc head and immediately above where the pads are mostly stained, etc. Seems a likely source of a leak??

Therefore, attempted to move that ring clamp back to its original/intended position [as shown in the photo] but it now seemed to have a memory for the 'new' and inappropriate groove and kept returning partially to where it had been [especially compared to the other engine - see photo of what the connection should look like]. Regardless, tightened it in a slightly improved position, and tightened also a few others, trying not to over-tighten; then, wrapped a strip of duct tape around it in the hopes of identifying a source of the leak if the tightening/repositioning didn't help [duct tape is heat tolerant to 200F and not flammable - any spray leak from that hose fitting should mark the duct tape]. Will check after tomorrows run.

Walked across the road to The Portage general store/deli/ice cream shop for a few essentials like butter, bacon, TP, and cookies! They have lots of liquor, beer, wine; as well as summer clothing. A classic small summer town lake general store.


The one of dock 'A' shows the breakwater behind it - a rather imposing structure, about 6-8' high, which certainly gives the harbor good protection. The marina sign is included which lists the agencies involved for the marinas. A view of a nice sunset tonight; and one of the Portage general store/deli.

From Admirals Desk:

A good travel day. Weather and waves were calm and 5hrs is a good trip length.

Rob mentioned the boater that waked us but then came and apologized! There is a first time for everything. Fortunately we heard him coming, barely had time to steer into or it could have been a big problem. What made the wake worse than normal was he was fast and close and then realized what he was doing and stopped and created a huge backwash. There was a real potential to be swamped.

I have to defrost the freezer tomorrow.😡. We had an insulated foil cover on it that I couldn't get back on in the wind a few days ago. I think that it helped keep the lid secure in the wind and rain as well as insulate from the sun. Anyway, it is full of thick ice. Phooey.

Only leftovers tonight. Still have dishes though. Phooeyx2!

We're having a spectacular evening. Sunny, calm, nice temp, and so far no bugs. That's all from me.


To Mackinaw City tomorrow, at the Straits State Harbor for 4 nights, 70 miles. We will be taking the ferry over to the Mackinac I. for a day of touring. And will do some needed maintenance work on the other days.


Deedee  •  29 Jun, 2021 - Enjoy your touring!!!

Ernie R  •  29 Jun, 2021 - You should have handed the “waker “ your attorney’s contact card! Apologizing doesn’t make it ok and those people know what they are doing!