Days Events:

A good day - mostly because we were finally on the move again. Left Harbor Beach at 08:45, after humming & hawing over wx; the harbormaster had some reassuring opinions, so off we went. Needed to get on the road. Travelled 5.3 hrs, 65miles, at 12-13 mph on 2200 rpm, most of the way, arriving in Harrisville Harbor of Refuge at 14:10.

The trip was cloudy, spitting rain off and on all day, with fog off and on until the last hour when it became denser with visibility down to 1/4-1/2 mile, and even less as we approached the harbor. Radar and AIS [Automatic Identification System] was helpful to 'see' a few boats in the fog - except for one sailboat that suddenly appeared out of the fog 100 yds off our port bow! The radar had missed him due to the rain and fog interference I think.

Otherwise, fortunately almost no wind, waves were mostly ripples, but swells were <1ft most of the time on our port stern/beam/bow - it varied.

We did produce noticeable black smoke running the engines >1800 rpm but we wanted to get across Saginaw Bay [35miles] before the wx changed her mind!

Cleaned the diesel smoke stains off the swim platform once we were tied up and after pumping out the holding tank [PPOD 7].

Maintenance: The engine gauges were all normal at the 2200 rpm during our trip today. Oil levels great, etc. Did have few mls of coolant again in stbd bilge and scant in the foil pan; the recovery tank level was down almost half [200mls] with engine no longer hot. A/C strainer has a small amount of crud in it; will clean when we hit Mackinaw City.

Admirals Desk:

Well, we got ourselves together and moved on! The travel conditions looked ok even though it was gray and raining. No wind, and swells on our port stern. Not a white cap in sight. Actually, not much was in sight because visibility was less than 1/2 mile most of the time, then we were in fog and visibility was less than a 100 yds. Radar was useful. We could hardly see the marina, and they said they couldn't see us coming in. Good thing there were only a couple other boats out.

Had docktails with our Looper neighbors on their boat, an older DeFever 44+5. They are full time liveaboards from Chicago. They both can work remotely. Very nice folks and an enjoyable visit. They are headed in the same direction as us so it's possible we'll cross paths again.

We're hoping for weather that is an easy go/no go option tomorrow.

Dithering on what to do is frustrating.

PS - I've decided to stop, or at least try too stop, whining about the weather.

Whining is annoying and it won't improve the weather.😁


Have reserved a slip at Presque Isle State Harbor for Sunday night, 53 miles. Winds and waves in our favor.

Still looking for a slip July 3rd; looper friends suggested Beaver I. which is west of Mackinaw City and enroute to Petoskey; so I have requested a night from them; hopefully it will be available.


Ernie R  •  27 Jun, 2021 - Weather is always an issue but boats are made for it when good decisions are changed by Mother Nature! Water over the bow is no big deal as long as the hatch is shut! We moving now!

Tom W  •  27 Jun, 2021 - Good to hear you finally made it across the open water of Saginaw Bay, Must be a big relief for you both. You're right, no point in complaining about the weather since we can't control mother nature. Big heat wave making its way across western Canada this week with temps in the mid to high 30's. It's supposed to be 46 degrees celcius (115 F) in the Okanagan interior this coming Tuesday - OUCH.

Safe travels,