Days Events:

Wx forecast was 82/66F with winds NE 4-9mph, waves 0-1', mostly sunny. Tomorrow, Monday, has a SCA [Small Craft Advisory] in effect all day, so will likely be staying put in Harbor Beach.

Left Lexington at 07:40, travelled 42miles on calm seas [ripples for waves and <1 foot swells coming on the bow - truly pleasure boating; few fishing boats and some freighters in distance] to arrive and tie up at Harbor Beach Marina at 11:35, mostly running 1800rpm for 11.3mph, total time 3.9hr. Marina has had full renovations [see photos] last year with new docks, office; has 114 slips including 70 transients; staff similar to Lexington - high school teens who are keen to help. Although Lexington said the DNR [Dept. of Natural Resources] doesn't allow them to accept tips, the kids here said nonsense [maybe because they actually weren't DNR, even though I booked the slip through DNR, but operated by the town] - so I gladly gave each of them $5 [leaves them with a good memory of us and more likely to respond more quickly in future].

Maintenance Issues:

Power - no better. ELCI [Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter] tripped as soon as circuit from pedestal flipped on; can hear a 'buzzing' sound which increases in intensity until it trips the CB of the ELCI, within 5 sec; that occurs even after turning everything off, meaning both AC and both DC master breakers [no power going to boat or being drawn anywhere]; and the RP [reverse polarity] light comes on but only on the AC circuit line 2, as well as the ELCI itself. [the AC line 2 includes mostly the 3 a/c units]

I disconnected shore power and took the cover off the ELCI and the only suspect connection was possibly the ground - seemed bit loose, so tightened snug, but no effect unfortunately.

It sounds like something is shorting out within the ELCI box itself??! Or, the power cord has developed a short within itself - it's 16 years old and that can happen since as anything or anyone ages, everything wears out!! Could it still be within the plug itself??

Obtained a business card from the staff here and called the local diesel mechanic/electrician and he will come out in a.m. [was going out in boat with his family - it's Fathers Day]. Need someone with better diagnostic skills/tools than I have and hopefully he can find the short or fault.

Engines: scant amount coolant again, only a few mls at most. Will check expansion tank cap level tomorrow and likely add a half liter to the recovery tank. Everything else, including fuel water separators/filters, oil and transmission fluids/levels, water strainers, etc, is normal.

VacuFlush: we can still use the forward Vacuflush but after flushing and waiting for about 30 sec for the vacuum to be re-generated, we turn off the circuit so it doesn't keep pumping. Once get the power problem sorted out, will change the duckbill valves.


Added one from Lexington of early morning with a different view, which included the fuel dock office. And a few of the Harbor Beach marina. Compass directions are confusing because we change daily and have to keep reminding ourselves which way is 'North', etc.

From the Desk of the Admiral:

A good travel day today. Sunny and calm and not too long.

It's pretty quiet here compared to yesterday in Lexington on the party dock. There was a lot of socializing throughout the whole marina. And I suspect a few heavy heads this morning.

I sure hope we get our electrical problems sorted out tomorrow. It's very frustrating, especially for my sweetie Captain OCD, to not have the tools to track down the problems!

I had an interesting outing today. In a small one traffic light town you buy groceries wherever they're available. The best option here was a convenience store/market at a gas station! One of the marina staff drove me there. It was a surprise. The grocery store part had some of everything, just not a lot of anything. Nice fresh fruit, veggies, meat, deli stuff, canned and frozen everything, good brands, and beer, wine and liquor! It was small but I've been in bigger places with less I would buy and they didn't sell gas or Chesters hot fried chicken.

The weather has been pleasant and we seem to have no bugs so we have been leaving the doors open. So here, with water as far as the eye can see, why is there so much dust? I'm gonna wear out my swiffer! Phooey.

We thought that since we could be here for a couple of days that we might rent a car and tour around a bit. Except the nearest rental is 57miles away. Something to consider when choosing our future stops.

Time for me to say goodnight.


Await the visit from the mechanic tomorrow.


Ernie R  •  21 Jun, 2021 - Electric problems are the worst! Have you checked voltage at pedistal?