Days Events:

Wx forecast is winds SW 9-12, 75/60F, waves 0; until lunchtime when TSM quite possible.

Left Port Huron at 08:15; had a 3mph current against us until we passed into L.Huron proper and some not insignificant turbulence at the river/lake junction, but fortunately no large freighters to deal with in it.

It was a nice travel day, seas only showing ripples all the way, arriving at Lexington State Harbor at 10:30. We could see clouds building to our west and the wind was picking up. We bought diesel and pumped out, then moved 50 ft to our slip. The marina is one of the DNR State ones, has 108 slips; we have 6' water under us at the dock; great help for docking and for the fueling, etc. Docks in good shape.

But...couldn't get power connection. As soon as hooked up, the reverse polarity [RP] light came on and tripped off the power. [RP generally means that the hot wire and neutral wire have been switched accidentally at the pedestal; can also have other causes though] Pedestal checked by harbormaster and no connection problem; so decided must be our plug. Took it apart and the white/neutral wire had pulled out of its slot. Revised all the wires and all connections looked solid and great. Plugged back in, still had RP though only on the 2nd 'leg' of our 2 leg [circuit] AC system. Running generator didn't eliminate the RP indication. Two electricians happened to have just docked and offered to help; they tested the 50A outlets on a pedestal and couldn't get 120v but did on the 30A outlet. So connected my 50-30 Wye connector and initially had power and they left; then, within a minute, the RP light and circuit breaker on the ELCI [Equipment Leakage Circuit Interrupter] kicked off.

Took the power cord apart twice more but the connections remain solid, no burning of the blades, no cracks evident, etc. Wiring is all correct. Could be a corroded neutral wire connection in the main distribution panel, which has suddenly decided to become ornery. Will need to look which means taking the cover off the AC section which means turning off the AC power. Will wait till we get to Harbor Beach tomorrow though, as they do have repair services available if we need them. I discussed on the phone with marine electrical advisor Terry and he agreed with the plan.

Was going to change the vacuflush duckbill valves but the power cord is more of a priority. Poop on it.

We ate Marg's Mediterranean lentil stew tonight - really good, better than the usual meat and vegetable one; with a naan flatbread. That, combined with a Fat Tire beer, helps soften the electrical and vacuflush frustrations. At least for tonight.


One of L.Huron! Good for comparing to the ones for L.Ontario and L.Erie! A couple of this marina. A busy place with several groups having docktails with folding chairs or sitting on the aft deck of boats; and a large gathering at the restaurant on the shore. Everybody enjoying themselves; the first big weekend of the season per the staff here.

From the Desk of the Admiral:

A very nice travel day; sunny and calm. As we came into the marina it suddenly got windy and chilly. Very good timing on our part. Rained later in the afternoon but again a beautiful evening.

The power issue is annoying and perplexing. Running the generator in a marina is not ideal for the neighbors, but the marina staff is ok with it. We need to keep the freezer, fridge etc running. We hope to find an electrician at our next stop.

Dining in this evening. It's very busy here and we've assumed all 3 local restaurants will be full!

We have a couple of party boats behind us that are noisier than our generator so we feel less annoying.😁. We'll sleep better knowing that, so I guess it's time to say goodnight!


Tomorrow we go to Harbor Beach Marina, another State DNR one, 42 miles north of here. Forecast is ok - 1' waves off the bow.


Ann R  •  20 Jun, 2021 - Ok Rob, I know DNR can mean do not resuscitate, but I assume it has another meaning in your posts? Dept of Natural Resources?? Please advise. And Happy Father’s Day.

Marg, stew sounds wonderful! Glad y’all weren’t out in bad weather.

Stay safe! Happy travels!

Tom W  •  20 Jun, 2021 - Good luck with the electrical problem & hope you can get it fixed at your next destination. Safe travels !

Robert & Margaret  •  21 Jun, 2021 - Ann, DNR is Dep't of Natural Resources - manages all the refuge marinas, fishing, etc.