Final issues we have to complete:

Fix the leak from the radar arch array - wrapped it with 2 clear bags and sealed tight as a drum - found water coming down inside with the wires this a.m. after the storm, so likely source is the 'Direct' TV dome has lost its seal. Will soon know.

Of course life would be too perfect if there wasn't something wrong when we arrived home. The under-counter lights and the sink disposal didn't work - found today that the two switches for them were 'bad', had failed, shorted out, whatever; bought 2 new 20amp replacements and the Admiral is ecstatic that she has her disposal and lights working.

Here is a summary of our Loop travel stats from last year and this season (the software won't let me organize the data into columns to compare years).

Summary of stats for the Loop - 2021:

Miles traveled: 2242 (vs 3273 in 2020; total = 5,516 miles)

Days on boat: 93 (193 in '20; total = 286)

Marina stops: 41 (62 in 2020; total = 103)

Anchorages: 1 (6 last yr.)

Diesel fills: 8 (10 last yr.)

Diesel gals: 1,648 (2,248 in 2020; total =3,896 g.)

Pump outs: 13 (23 last yr.)

Travel Hours: 239 (374 in '20; total = 613)

Avg. Speed: 9.4mph (8.7 last yr.)

Mileage: 1.4mpg (last yr ranged 0.9-1.7mpg)

Fuel avg: 6.9gph (last yr 13.5-4.6 gph)

Maintenance yards needed: x4 (5 last yr.)

Locks: 22 (50 in '20; total = 72)

Bridges raised: 10 (55 in '20; total = 65)

Grocery stores visited: 60

Admirals Comments:

Home at last. Dana and Chris came by and then helped unload some stuff from the boat. There's not much left to remove. My cool weather clothes from May in NY aren't needed right now!

Its good to be home with family and friends. And familiar surroundings. We've traveled many miles and seen many remarkable sights but the drive into Indian Springs is still the loveliest.

Our travels this year took much less time. Only 3 months compared to 6 last year. And it was much different. The Great Lakes are like mini oceans. Big water, weather requiring daily decisions and diligence, unlike our previous experiences in rivers and ICWs. We also were traveling as covid restrictions were lifting and summer travel kicked into high gear. It was difficult getting marina reservations and transportation on shore was nonexistent. There were no rental cars available so sightseeing on shore was limited. But the good stuff far outweighed those comments.

Grocery stores were either ordinary or very interesting; two in particular. one a gas station with groceries, surprisingly pretty good. Small but covered more than the basics. Included a courtesy drive by the marina staff who waited while I shopped. They also drove me to the hair salon. Great cut!!

The other in Grafton. Another convenience store that also sold ammo. Interesting place. But one of the best courtesy vehicles we've had; a Ford F150 4x4.

We only encountered one explosion. The propane tank at the steak fry. Rob got to play doctor until the EMTs arrived.

Guests. Helen spent 3 nights with us in Racine WI. Our first and only overnight guest since starting this trip. Covid certainly messed up plans for others to join us.

We had an uninvited guest one evening. A friendly young boxer jumped aboard.

The best part of this whole journey is the people you meet. Fellow boaters and Loopers, local folks, and marina staff. It has been a privilege to be able to do this adventure and meet so many exceptional people in so many exceptional places.

Thanks to all those that have followed us and stayed in touch

Good night.


We take D.A. back to Aqua on Wed. 25th for about 3 wks out of water work - the props and shafts checked, hull inspected [and may need painting?], hull and upper fiberglass/gelcoat repair work, etc. Plus a few engine items, like replacing and flushing the coolants [I can change the oils, etc.]

We certainly appreciate all the comments from folks over the past few months this year, and last year, and hope we offered a bit of 'entertainment' during the Covid experience everyone has had to endure. This has indeed been a once in a lifetime trip and experience for us.

Thus, this is our last posting. Stay safe everyone.


Ann R  •  15 Aug, 2021 - We certainly have enjoyed your voyage! Thank you for sharing it with us. We’ve missed you and look forward to seeing you soon and hearing even more about your adventures. Glad you are back. Welcome home!

ErnieR  •  15 Aug, 2021 - What?!! No more blog, say it ain’t so! We all will be going through withdrawal just like the druggies! This is one of the best blogs ever even if Rob did help contribute! Can’t wait to get the real in person stories and find that retainer clip you lost last year in the engine room!

Andy & Julie  •  16 Aug, 2021 - Welcome home. We noticed DA on the transient dock Saturday so I had to binge read your lost posts since Paducah. Other than the on shore event with the propane tank, which I don’t want to discount as there was the potential for severe injury, you were blessed with safe travels on the water and memories to last a five time.

For those of us who have vicariously lived through your travels the past two summers, I for one am extremely jealous. Time will tell if we have the dedication and perseverance to replicate your accomplishment.

Tom W.  •  17 Aug, 2021 - Congratulations you two on completing your journey. Will definitely miss the daily commentary about your trials and tribulations. Not sure what you’ll do now with all the spare time you’ll have on your hands. Take care.

Duane&Joan  •  17 Aug, 2021 - Well done!! Marg and Rob!!…………..So what's next?