Met with Aqua's service mgr, Dennis, really nice fellow and we have scheduled the work to be done, including haul out for the props, etc, for Aug.25 and it will take 3 wks likely to complete. He sent his a/c fellow and he concluded we need to replace the salon unit, since it is a 'one piece' and we can't really separate the drip pan; and the new ones are much more efficient, use less amperage, etc; that was our thinking already.

Then JD, the genset guy came by and found, as Ernie and Terry mentioned, that the impeller was 'fragmented' [see photo] and he has replaced it, after checking for the fragmented bits downstream and backflushing the heat exchanger, which required removing the oil filter for access so we just changed to a new filter since it was time anyway.

The genset now works fine and runs all 3 a/c units!!!


A couple of the marina - it is big; one of their repair shop, with a corner of the dry storage building next to it.

Admirals Comments:

A final down day to get a couple of things done. Mainly my hair!! It was getting bad even for boat hair! I REALLY need a haircut. I feel bad for the dock hands confronting such a miserable sight. Ugly grubby hair, no makeup, sweaty, and dirty grubby clothes.😜

We've decided to have a leisurely day and not get in a panic about packing up. We can do it after we get home.

This place is efficient. The a/c guy and the generator guy have already been here. New a/c unit has been ordered, will take a few weeks as everything is backordered. We'll bring the boat back in a couple of weeks for the remaining work. A 5hr boat trip, a 1hr car trip! 😂😂. There is nothing speedy or efficient about boats.

Went to the Aqua Harbor Grille. Burgers ok, only beer or coolers, obviously no purple G&T! Settled for Margarita coolers. First sighting of turtles swimming near the pier. Definitely in home territory.

Another squall blew thru and nearly rocked us off the couch. A few waves splashed over the dock. Only lasted an hour, thankfully.

Looking forward to tomorrow.


Tomorrow - home! T-0. Chris and Dana will leave our car for us at Turtle Point since they have to work Friday and we should get there [depending on Wilson Lock] around midday to avoid the worst of the pm heat.


Duane&Joan  •  13 Aug, 2021 - Your trip has been a blast…..thanks for sharing it with us!

Ann R  •  13 Aug, 2021 - Homeward bound! Channeling Simon & Garfunkel…. See you soon!

Deedee  •  13 Aug, 2021 - What a journey you guys have had!! It’s gone so quick!!! Cheers🥃🍷🍺😍❤️

ErnieR  •  13 Aug, 2021 - We can’t wait for blog on return cruise to Aqua! After the boat refit it would be good time to move up 10 or 15 feet!

Tom W  •  13 Aug, 2021 - Enjoy your last night on board for awhile. It’s been a great adventure for you both !