Days Events:

We are definitely back in heat! Going to 88 today but feels like 98. Cleaned the a/c strainer after all the junk and weedy patches.

Still requires daily spider patrol - bought some spider preventive spray in the ships store here, in the hopes of reducing them.

Checked the oils, coolant, etc - all are good. No coolant. Makes me wonder if the leak is at the overflow fitting off the 'radiator' cap and if the recovery tank isn't required [because the expansion tank is adequately managing], then nothing going into it and voila no leak??

No water in the bilge from yesterday! Amazing.

-----Changed the water filter [an RV/marine style] as the Admiral has noticed maybe some yellowing at times and it's been 3 months. I flush it a bit each time I connect at a dock and the first gush has had some 'yellow' tint which clears - and no one has been peeing in it, Ernie.

-----Even though the locks on the Illinois have been much cleaner and more gentle than those on the Erie Canal, the fenders are still taking a beating, but will hold off cleaning them till we get closer to Florence.

-----The a/c unit in the V-berth froze up 2 nights ago and had to use the admirals hair dryer; the air filter pad appeared to be 'stuck' along the drip pan connection and I wondered if it was likely rusted together?? I had cleaned the filter [a plastized mesh] 2 days ago - a dirty filter can cause the condenser to freeze up. Today the filter came out easily, wasn't that dirty, so it likely was just frozen in place along the drip pan.

Photos: several of the marina; really a nice spot with a games and playground next to the showers/toilets building and the restaurant; they have a concrete Harbor Walk around the marina shoreline with concrete docks, all on a floating platform; we will be testing the restaurant menu tonight.

-----The marina is the least expensive one we have stayed at; AGLCA members [the Loopers group] pay $1/ft; also we only pay the model footage - i.e. 49' for the 490 PH, not our true LOA [length overall, which is 54'] - manager said that's just the way they do it - nice for us!

-----There is one of the floating rental cabins we saw along the river; neat for folks who want to be 'on the water' with or without a small boat for a weekend or week vacation. One of the casino not far from the cabins - not a very welcoming presence from the water; don't know what it looks like from the road side. Also one showing the Dresden Lock building - nicely maintained grounds, etc.

From the Admiral:

Big event of the day: Used the courtesy car to go to Kroger's. A 2001 Suburban that has seen better days! The leather front seat was completely torn up, the a/c didn't work and when I tried to start it to return the key wouldn't move. Eventually, after about 10 min of trying it started! As courtesy cars go this one was typical. In fact was more road worthy than many we've used. I should have taken a photo of the front seat.😅. The temp today feels like 103 so the a/c not working was unpleasant.

Krogers wasn't the best. Stuff was ok, but the store was needing some updating and the few staff visible were not attempting to be friendly or helpful. Only one checkout lane was open. The cashier at the other one that didn't appear open but was checking people thru abruptly said she'd be back and left. There were still people in her line. I finally used the self checkout. Not impressed.

-----I thought about baking some cookies today but we have all 3 a/C units running and I'd have to turn one off to use the oven. Forget that!! Good thing I bought cookies. We're moving into multiple t-shirt weather. We're both staying cool and reading this afternoon. Robert Crais' Elvis Cole books. We like them.

-----We're having supper delivered right to the boat, including margaritas!! The restaurant is onsite and has an interesting menu. Candied Rum Bacon Cheeseburger for Rob, Huli Huli chicken salad for me . I'll report later.

........Later. Food was good. My salad had citrus, honey, mango, feta, pickled onions.

We had an unexpected visitor this evening. A very friendly young boxer (dog, not Rocky) jumped aboard while passing on the dock. Very nice dog. Hasn't quite learned " come, get off the boat" yet.😂😂. Belongs to a biker.

Thats all. Good night.


Tomorrow to Spring Valley Boat Club, 24 miles, after we pumpout and get diesel. Reserved a slip at Grafton Harbor.


ErnieR  •  24 Jul, 2021 - What! No pictures of the cool Sub! The front seat is supposed to look like that! Welcome to summer, hot as blazes here and the humidity! Low gas can also cause unit to freeze up, sure hope not!

Ann R  •  24 Jul, 2021 - Oh Marg! Hope the a/c is not going out on you! In the 90’s here today with 110% humidity! W. C. Handy event in our slough today too - expecting many boats, lots of alcohol & crazy activity! Just finished a good book “The Silent Patient”. Quite good! I recommend it. As always, we are enjoying your blog. Stay cool.

Ann R  •  24 Jul, 2021 - The author of “The Silent Patient” is Alex Michaelides. Psychological Mystery but not one to give you nightmares!