Days Events:

Wx is dry but rather cloudy and cool at 47F this am but supposed to be 62 in pm. Still windy ENE 12-21. Tomorrow will be warmer and have lighter winds.

Woke to find the indicator light for the aft BP on. Oh, oh. Opened the hatch and could hear it running but no significant water visible. Checked the automatic float switch and it was stuck on, which it can do if a bit of debris gets under it; shut it off and cleared it. These are impeller types and need water for cooling the motor and can burn out the motor if no water.

Then, noticed the stbd coolant reservoir level had dropped significantly from my top up at Wilson harbor. Leaking would be a logical deduction and noticed some coolant stains on the pads under the engine block. Hmm. Could be the thermostat fill cap? Then, noticed the port side reservoir also empty. They should be at 'low' when engine cold, but not 'empty'.

So pulled up salon floor covers/boards to look for leaks; couldn't find any, anywhere. Replaced the pads under stbd engine and will check after next run. Added 500ml coolant [green 50-50] to port reservoir. Perhaps??? Will top up and watch.

With floor cover up, was able to see the model label for the battery isolator next to the stbd alternator, attached just below the floor - it allows a single alternator to charge more than 1 battery without overcharging either - can charge each one 'on-demand'. Until seeing this, didn't know for sure whether it was an 'isolator' type or a 'combiner' or 'automatic combiner relay' type.


A couple of the Youngstown downtown and the stairs to climb to get there from the marina - 5 sets of 16 steps; vs a moderately steep road. Took a view of the river and marina from the observation deck on Main St. Note all the moored boats are oriented bow upstream except along the dock wall where a strong back eddy makes them move the opposite way or all over the place.

A shot of the staff repairing the rigging - the fellow is sitting in a sling lifted by the crane. and changing a 'sidestay', which stabilizes the mast. He's about 30' up.

From the Admirals Desk:

A nicer day today. It's still cool and windy but at least the sun is out.

There is some activity around the marina today. Apparently there is sailing event on tomorrow back at Wilson Harbor and a few boats from here look like they are getting ready for something.

We plan to walk up to town this afternoon. The stairs will be interesting for me but we'll see. There is a diner, a liquor store and a rite aid in the town, and the marina has a restaurant and that's about all there is. We had planned to eat at the Marina last night but the weather was just too nasty to bother. We'll go tonight.

Having 5 fenders out in the constant motion is creating quite chorus of squeaking, groaning, and squalling rubbing noises. I'm sure that one fender is taking a beating. Better that than the boat gel coat which is all shiny and nice after being waxed and buffed at Horizon!

There is a beautiful golden retriever tied to a post beside us. Anyway, he decided he wasn't happy with the situation so he some how twisted the clip to his collar around and bit it open. He's having a nice little run around avoiding everyone. Ha!!

Dinner at the marina club house was so so. Definitely not to TP standards. Nice staff.

The wind is gone, the fender noise is gone, the galley is clean, so time to sign off for today and read a little.

An additional evening photo. The evening light here is a beautiful golden color, especially on the white boats. It even makes our interior glow. Quite lovely. Goodnight.


Ernie R - 30 May 2021 Rob, assume you also removed radiator caps and topped coolant off. I replace the caps periodically. Would be nice to check for leaks when underway and up to operating temp. Would be nice to know what made BP start when it got stuck. Hope walk to town was pleasant!

Robert & Margaret - 31 May 2021 As usual, you make good suggestions!! The coolant level in the radiator was 'full' so couldn't top it off. Since you essentially replace almost 'everything' on your boat after you buy it, perhaps I should learn from the jedi?? I think there was some crud under the lever of the BP which made it stick 'on'; however, the unwanted water actually caused it to trip, I believe.